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4 Tips To Get Your Kiddos On A Hike

Ever get super excited about getting your kiddos outside for a hike and they aren't excited at all? Here are some tips to get them out on a hike that they will enjoy!

Get Your Kiddos Excited About Hiking

  • Tip 1 - Bring Snacks

LOTS of snacks! Bring their favorite treat and let them know that once you get to a certain point that they can enjoy that snack. Even if you are taking a lot of snack breaks you are still outside enjoying time together!

  • Tip 2 Let them decide where you are going

Let your kiddos lead you on the trail. This way they get to set the pace, decide the direction you get to go and it gives them a sense of leadership and control.

  • Tip 3 Do a treasure hunt

You don't have to hide treasures, you can find all sorts of treasures that will be on or around the hiking trail. Have a hunt by looking for leaves, rocks, flowers, bugs, birds, pick up trash, whatever they find will be a true treasure to them.

Need some ideas? Head to this website.

  • Tip 4 It is okay to take breaks

You might think that going on a "hike" is were you actually cover a lot of trail. But to a kiddo, going on a hike might just mean going a little ways and stopping to climb a tree, dig in the dirt or watch the bugs crawl up the stomp. And to kids, it is hard work to walk on a trail, they have to take a lot more steps than you do to cover the same amount of ground. Take breaks, enjoy the little things like the leaves on the ground or the rocks on the side of the trail. All that matters is that you are outside and adventuring!

Here is a whole blog post that I wrote on my Bucks and Dough Blog about the

Benefits of Getting Kids Outside!

Remember that being outside for even a little while is better than no time at all! Start small and keeping adventuring!

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