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4 Awesome Activites For Your Kiddos

Needing some extra help thinking up awesome adventures for both you and your kiddos while spending extra time at home? Take this extra quality time together to get creative and have a blast!

1. Create Treasure Maps

Each person gets to hide a treasure somewhere either inside the house or outside in the yard. The treasure can literally be anything, a stuffed animal, a piece of candy, book, anything. Then you have to draw a map so that the other person can follow it to find the hidden treasure! Make the map as challenging as you like, you can lead them right to the treasure in one straight shot or you can lead them around for a while before they find that place where X marks the spot.

2. Build a Fort

Clean out the living room and make it a huge fort. Using blankets, couches, chairs, sheets, stuffed animals, pillows, anything that you can find. Let your kiddo have a picnic in their fort. Forts are a great place to hide your treasure that you draw your map for.

You can even make your fort outside in the yard, using sticks, rocks, tarps, hammers, nails. Get creative!

3. Make binos with TP Rolls

Since you have probably stocked up with TP already ;)

Use the empty roll and tape them together or use string to get them to stay together. You can even make telescopes with your TP or paper towel rolls.

Once you make them, go outside on a hunt and use your binos to look around for different animals, trees buds, robins, clouds, etc.

4. Go Fish

Whether that is for real fish or hand made fish.

You can make fishing poles with a stick and some string. Then have your kiddos cut out fish of all different shapes and sizes. This can also be a great way to learn different shapes and colors for kiddos of all ages. Cut out triangles, squares, rectangle, etc. Then have them go fishing for the different shapes that you tell them to catch. You can literally make this a game out for anything from different dinosaurs, numbers, letters, animals, get creative!

There are a ton of different activities that you can do with your kiddos while they are having to be home a little extra. I would love to hear what you are doing to keep entertained during these crazy times.

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